How To Fix Split Ends

The modern day technologies have invented many ways of chemically treating the hair to prevent damages like split ends but the main problem with these happen to be the price that you will have to pay in order to get them. This might not be possible for all and so, you need to switch to the home remedies that will suit your pocket and give you good and natural results as well.

Top home therapies to treat split ends

There are various remedies that can be prepared with ingredients that are available in the kitchen garden of every household. They are cost effective and will also help you in combatting the damages that the hair may have to face due to split ends. If you want to know about How To Fix Split Ends, this is the article for you.

How To Fix Split Ends•    Egg shampoo

It is a very wee-known fact that egg has magical properties that will strengthen hair and prevent the splitting of the tips. A good mixture of eggs and rosemary can create wonders for the hair. There is a shampoo that you can make at home by soaking fresh rosemary in a certain amount of hot water. Then you have to add egg to the mixture. This can then be used just like you shampoo the hair.

•    Papaya pack

The advantages of ripe papaya are many. In this remedy, you have to make a pack with the pulp of the ripe papaya. For this, you will have to cut the fruit in halves and then de-skin and de-seed it accordingly. Make a pulpy paste with the fruit and then add to this pack a whole cup of fresh yogurt. Beat the mixture well and then apply it on your hair.

•    Three-oil conditioning

There are many types of oils that can give the hair the appropriate nourishment that they require. The three-oil conditioner is very helpful in making the hair healthy and shiny. To make this conditioning agent at home, you are required to mix equal proportions of mustard oil, castor oil and the oil of virgin olives. You need to keep it wrapped up in hot towels for a span of 30 minutes. It has been the answer for all those who pondered on How To Fix Split Ends for years.

•    Cream tonic

This is the treatment in which you need to message the mixture of a big spoon full of cream in a cup of milk and then apply it on the tips of the damaged hair. This is to be done just after shampooing and after keeping the mixture on for around 15 minutes, wash it off with plain water.

•    Honey-curd pack

Hone is another miraculous ingredient that will help in healing the split hair at the tips. When honey gets mixed with curd, the properties are enhanced. This particular pack must be made with mixing curd and honey together and then applying the same on the hair. After leaving the pack on for a time period of 20 minutes you need to wash it off with water.

•    Beer treatment

Beer is a drink that you must have had at one point or another. Were you aware of the fact that this drink can also be helpful in treating the split tips of your hair? Yes! A simple message of any kind of beer will add an amazing shin to the hair and will also heal the splits.

•    Avocado pack

This is another fruit that will help you in getting super soft and shiny hair that will also be free of splits. While making this pack you will have to make a paste of the pulp of the fruit and then mix few drops of olive oil in it as well. Keep the mixture on the hair for 15 to 30 minutes and then use regular water to wash the hair off.

•    Coconut oil

This is another amazing ingredient that is present at home readily. For getting the best results of this, message the coconut oil in the hair and at the tips gently and let it stay for a certain amount of time. This should be done before going to the shower. The dripping of the water from the shower head will intensify the working of the oil.

These are some of the common yet effective home remedies that will help you in getting rid of split ends.